2018 Executive Board Members and Shareholders Announced at Annual Meeting

At its 2018 Annual Meeting, McDowell Rice Smith & Buchanan, PC, announced the re-election of Kristie Remster Orme as President, and the re-election of R. Pete Smith as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Also re-elected were Thomas R. Buchanan and Greg T. Spies, and Charles W. Smiley was newly elected to serve on the Board of Directors.

It was also announced at the firm’s annual meeting that Donald G. Scott will continue to serve as the firm’s General Counsel in 2018 with Mr. Buchanan and Ms. Orme each serving as Associate General Counsel.  Mr. Smiley will continue to serve as the firm’s Secretary, and Ronald S. Bronstein will continue to serve as the firm’s Vice President/Treasurer/Assistant Secretary.

Additionally, McDowell Rice is pleased to announce that Michael J. Kelly and David A. Jack were elected as Shareholders at the 2018 Annual Meeting.