Victory for Lou Wade and Ania Moncrief

On July 28, 2017, the U.S. District Court granted the firm’s Motions seeking a Protective Order.  Lou Wade and Ania Moncrief represented a third-party witness, and former employee of the Defendant. Plaintiff sued Defendant for improper denial of insurance benefits. As a former underwriter involved with development and application of the policy at issue in the 1970’s, our client gave his deposition and provided useful information to the Plaintiff. Defendant sought to discredit him by issuing subpoenas around the country for our client’s past medical, personnel, and financial records covering a long time-span. A very large, international law firm represents the Defendant, aggressively and relentlessly pursuing confidential, privileged, and irrelevant records. As a result of our efforts, the court stopped all efforts to obtain our client’s personal information. The court further indicated a willingness to award attorney fees, which we will seek following close of discovery.