Jason Buchanan Elected Board President for EPEC

Jason Buchanan has been elected President of the Board for EPEC, which is a nonprofit program. 

EPEC means Empowering Parents which will Empower and improve the lives of their Children.  EPEC starts with the need for a living wage and teaches the parents admitted a trade enabling them to transition off welfare through a living wage.  Studies show that lessening financial stress creates the potential for an improved family environment and increases the likelihood that their children will achieve success. The trade taught is one identified a marketable and transferable skill set that allows them to earn a living wage and provides flexibility required to care for their children.  Based on market research on demand, EPEC’s pilot program teaches animal grooming which pays well, is in high demand in the Kansas City area, and yet the nearest grooming school is 3 hours away.

Moreover, EPEC’s parenting program teaches students the importance of active parenting, higher education, nutrition, coping skills and resources.  The parenting program teaches parents how to identify and regulate their emotions and identify and moderate their child’s emotions. EPEC uses the Love and Logic parenting program and utilizes guest speakers to teach and support parents with their most important job — raising their children and advocating for higher education.  EPEC teaches participants how to choose quality childcare and schools on a limited budget.  EPEC teaches budgeting, health and wellness, and professionalism in the work place.  Finally, in an effort to meet the family’s other needs, EPEC partners with organizations for childcare and housing.