Adam Gasper victorious in Title VII trial

Adam Gasper represented a female client in a lawsuit brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits workplace discrimination. The client had two claims against her employer. She first claimed she was qualified for but did not receive a position because she is a woman. No woman had ever held the position. The client also claimed she did not receive an interview for a promotion into a management position in retaliation for complaining of differential treatment at the hands of her female supervisors. Client claimed that female supervisors treated her differently than both her male predecessor and other female employees.

The jury found in client’s favor on the retaliation claim, awarding $70,952 in damages for emotional distress. The Court will rule on client’s motion for attorney’s fees at a later date.

Paralegal Holly Yocum provided invaluable assistance to Mr. Gasper at trial.