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  • Five Tips for Starting a Business

    Understanding your tax obligation is one key to business success. When you start a business, you need to know about income taxes, payroll taxes and much more. Here are five IRS tax tips that can help you get your business off to a good start:

  • ‘We’re a little bit DIFFERENT’ - McDowell Rice brings libertarian ethos to law practice

    By: Scott Lauck, May 17, 2016 [Money20 – Missouri Lawyers Weekly Reprint]

    McDowell Rice Smith & Buchanan is the formal kind of law firm where the chairman, R. Pete Smith, is listed as “Mr. Smith” on the nameplate on his door. It’s also the kind of place where Smith feels free to play the occasional game of fetch with his dog, Roxie, who is hanging out on a couch in his office.

  • Pete and LesLee Smith Receive “Justice for the Innocent Award” from The Midwest Innocence Project

    Congratulations to Pete and LesLee Smith on receiving the “Justice for the Innocent Award” at the 2016 Faces of Innocence fundraiser gala benefiting The Midwest Innocence Project (MIP).  Mr. Smith served on MIP’s Board of Directors for years and became President of the Board in 2013, and is currently the 2016 Advisory Board President.  

  • John Gariglietti and KCWJC Honored for Pro Bono Work

    The Kansas City Chapter of Empower Missouri will honor The Kansas City Worker Justice Center (KCWJC) at the 2016 Empower Missouri Award Dinner on May 25, 2016.  KCWJC was chosen because of the pro bono work they have done in Metropolitan Kansas City for more than 10 years assisting the victims of wage theft, helping workers recover lost wages and learn their rights as laborers, and protect themselves from future threats of wage theft.  Due to his continued advocacy for workers’ rights and many hours of pro bono work with KCWJC, John Gar

  • Tom Buchanan Participates in Annual Construction Industry Outlook Assembly

    The annual Construction Industry Outlook Assembly hosted by Ingram’s Magazine was held on May 12, 2016 .

  • Beware: Credit Unions Remain Subject to Hearing for Certain Reaffirmations in Bankruptcy

    When a debtor seeks to reaffirm a debt, and the debtor acts pro se with respect to the reaffirmation, the Bankruptcy Code requires a court hearing to approve, unless real property secures the debt. 11 USC 524(c)(6). The 2005 Bankruptcy amendments included a new section 524(m) inserting a presumption of undue hardship where the debtors’ monthly expense exceeds income as shown by schedules on file.

  • Jason Buchanan Elected Board President for EPEC

    Jason Buchanan has been elected President of the Board for EPEC, which is a nonprofit program. 

  • Meadowbrook Environmental Testing Finds No Damage From Herbicides

    [Reprint:  Prairie Village Post, April 5, 2016 – Thomas R. Buchanan referenced]

    Extensive environmental testing on the Meadowbrook land set to become a new public park revealed no problematic toxin levels associated with the use of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides on the former golf course land, but did find an area of approximately one-third of an acre likely contaminated by a gas spill.

  • Adam Gasper successfully obtains injunctive relief in Federal Court for local commercial distributor, forcing large shipment of product

    Adam Gasper recently persuaded federal judge, Hon. Brian C. Wimes, to issue an injunction requiring a Colorado company to ship more than $325,000 of product to their local client, a long-time distributor of commercial and industrial tools and building materials.  The parties had a 25-year distributorship relationship that had recently deteriorated.  The defendant purported to terminate the relationship and refused to honor the client’s pending purchase orders.

  • MRSB Welcomes John Bentley Gariglietti

    KANSAS CITY, Missouri (February 24, 2016) McDowell Rice Smith & Buchanan, PC, announced that John Bentley Gariglietti of Overland Park, Kansas, joined the Firm as a shareholder on February 22, 2016.



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