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The McDowell Rice Sustainability Challenge

As a firm, we are committed to investing in our planet by making great strides to reduce waste and create a more sustainable planet. Our main focus is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our current initiatives include:

  • Reusing tumblers, glasses, and mugs instead of disposable coffee cups and water cups.
  • Reducing our printing needs in a push to go fully digital. We are reducing the amount that we print by cutting down more and more by putting documents and forms in a digital format instead of physical files.
  • Reducing the amount of energy we generate by going green with our power usage. We are powering down machines and turning off lights that aren’t being utilized, and plan to generate less electricity and lower our carbon footprint.
  • Using green cleaning supplies.
  • Recycling items such as bottles, cardboard, and cans.

McDowell Rice is committed to their clients and to the environment.


Earth Day Sustainability Challenge